Futures seminars

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies hosts Futures Seminars ten times a year. A Futures Seminar is a one-hour deep dive into a specific theme exploring possible futures. The themes covered by our in-house futurists and external expert guests at our seminars follows the quarterly themes covered in our FARSIGHT publications.

Take a look at the most recent Futures Seminars based on publications launches and sign up, freely, for our next seminar: Work in the Metaverse on May 24th.

On February 3rd, 2022, we launched our last SCENARIO Report – a deep dive into the megatrends shaping the future. At the seminar, using the report as our vantage point, we guided through the major and interconnected global changes and challenges we see on the horizon, and discuss how we can use megatrends to see the long-term picture through the short-term fog of uncertainty. 

At the recent Futures Seminar we presented our FARSIGHT publication, focusing on future of work, with special focus on knowledge work and other kinds of office-bound labour. In the publication we ask if the open-plan office heading to the grave, if the ‘end of burnout’ is in sight, and whether we might be working in virtual worlds by 2050. During the seminar we took a closer look at the demands new generations will make of their employers, and how workplaces might change as a result.

Futures Seminar #5: Work in the Metaverse

Futures Seminar #5: Work in the Metaverse

Join us when we present futures scenarios on the Metaverse and how it may impact our lives and the way we work. At the fifth installment of our Futures Seminars we will dive into a central theme of the new FARSIGHT publication – future aspects of work in the Metaverse. During the webinar you will hear from a selection of experts (TBA) currently working on solutions towards the Metaverse on immersive technologies, new workflows, x-to-earn and the web3 economy.

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