Futures seminars

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies hosts freely accessible online Futures Seminars exploring the topics covered in FARSIGHT. Watch our most recent streams below and follow us on social media for updates on upcoming seminars.

At our most recent Futures Seminar we launched the first issue of FARSIGHT. We were joined by author Jonathan Malesic to discuss if the ‘end of burnout’ is in sight, and by futurist Tamira Snell to examine at the demands new generations will make of their employers, and how workplaces might change as a result.

On February 3rd, 2022, we launched our last SCENARIO Report – a deep dive into the megatrends shaping the future. At the seminar, using the report as our vantage point, we guided through the major and interconnected global changes and challenges we see on the horizon, and discuss how we can use megatrends to see the long-term picture through the short-term fog of uncertainty.